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NATO CUP? What do you think?

Okay NATO Golfers, time to get some of your thoughts. We want to keep things interesting, so we are looking at trying something a little different.

As you know we have been to France for some extended play for at least two years now, if not more.

Here is the thought for 2020.

We take three days of competitive golf at Wimereaux, Hardelot Dunes and Pines on 20, 21 and 22 August. 23 August would be a fun day of play for those interested (St. Omer or another).

We are looking at these date for a couple of reasons. One, weather. Two, it coincides with the return of NATO from the holiday period. This would give people time to plan their holidays in advance and make room for the event at the end of the traditional holiday period.

The three days of play would be a series of match play competitions. For now, think North America versus the other NATO Countries. Each day a different style of match play. Generally replicating the Ryder/President's Cup format.

I am thinking if we get motivated we could field two teams of 8-10 players each.

If we can get this going, we may be able to consider introducing a new cup to the collection, with names of the winning team placed on the cup each year.

We want to book the days very soon, to get ahead of the rush. These courses are busy that time of year and we need to book early.

Give me your thoughts of the next two weeks. Interested? I certainly hope so.

This can be some good fun.

Email me and let me know.

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