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Update on Golf Rules in Belgium (COVID)

NATO Golfers, the below is an English translation of the last notice put out by Golf Flanders on regulations to be followed. This notice was put out to members of Brabantse but will apply to other clubs.

Golf Flanders has recently informed us that they only received additional information yesterday at 8 pm regarding the guidelines included in the Park & ​​Play Golf Protocol. The published Ministerial Decree indeed allows sports with a maximum of 2 other players, but also explicitly states that those 2 players, if they do not live with you under the same roof, must always be the same people. So this is not a guideline, but an absolute obligation.

In short: flights of 3 persons, consisting of yourself and 2 others, are allowed, but the 2 others must always be the same persons. Flights of a family, living under 1 roof, with 2 others are also confirmed, but again the same 2 persons must always be the same. For the time being, flights of 4 people can only be booked through the secretariat.

As Brabantse Golf, we had already included this in our communication of 29 April and in the chairman's video message: play with regular partners and avoid mixing generations.

We count on your sense of responsibility to strictly apply this guideline. i-Golf cannot (yet) systematically limit the number of different golf partners. However, there is now an audit report and we noticed that a number of members have booked tee times with 3 or more different flight companions. We expressly request these club members to cancel some of those tee times in order to comply with the obligation described above.

Also, do not simply register with another member or couple without first consulting (by telephone). A number of flights may need to be rearranged while it is still possible.

We will also send you a circulation plan so that everyone knows perfectly how to "circulate" in places where different flights may come together.

Once again, we ask you to strictly apply all guidelines and follow directions from personnel and marshals without discussion. This is the only way we can keep our golf club open.

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