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Coming Up: NGC Annual General Meeting

Dear NATO Golfers,

COVID-19 or not, we’re here.

Due to the local COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot convene our Annual general meeting in person. Thus, I’ve decided to call for a virtual meeting, knowing very well, that this is not without inherent challenges.

The agenda for the meeting is attached here. For your information, all the Annual Reports are available on the website at this link. The intention is to focus primarily on the Club’s formal, essential business.

Members whose dues are up to date will receive an invitation for the meeting from the Club Captain. Please please click the RSVP or accept button in that invitation, to give us an idea of how many are attending. There will be a ZOOM link in the invitation for the meeting. Use that link on your PC, Tablet or Smart phone to join the meeting.

A reminder link will be sent 15 minutes prior to the meeting as well.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Max A.L.T. Nielsen

President, NATO Golf Club

2021-06-02 NGC AGM Agenda
Download PDF • 90KB

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