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NATO Golf Club Contacts and Events

NATO Golfers, firstly let me say we have an excellent turnout yesterday for the President's Cup. I'll be posting those results soon, in the meantime congratulations Wolfgang!!!!!

On email communications we have good news. You will begin to see emails from (e.g.,

These improvements are a result of the great help Luc has been as we have transitioned to a new website and domain name. Thank you Luc.

You also now see that all club events are posted on the website for registration well in advance of their scheduled time.

Please keep an eye on this. We are improving the scheduling and want to give you as much advance notice as possible. This should help improve turnout as there is time to plan.

The exception to this is our NGC/IGC matchup for 2019. We had a bit of a scheduling issue there, which is now resolved.

We need players for this event, so if you can get out there, please sign up on the website.

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