Note on memberships for couples.

A follow up on the below, for those with two or more members in the household. Please do not purchase more than one membership in your log on. Memberships are applied to the person logged on. So, for example, when Jack renews his membership, Jack logs on and subscribes for a regular membership. When Jill (spouse of Jack), renews her membership, Jill logs on and subscribes for an associate membership. If Jack, were to subscribe twice, though Jack puts in Jill's email address, the system still reads as Jack having two subscriptions......

Happy New Year, NATO Golf Members. Its been a rough year. Let's start getting ready to make 2021 better. A few announcements.

Firstly, we have previously mentioned, we are working to increase play opportunities in 2021. We intend some form of play roughly twice a month. If your club is interested in hosting us, please let me know. We also want to increase the number of available courses.

We have both our Celtic Quaich and Annual General Meeting in January. These and all other events will be found on our events page for registration. Sign up here.

Its time to renew memberships too. We are modernizing our membership renewals, and wanted to start the new sign up, this month. Moving forward memberships will be on a rolling 12 months, rather than Jan to Dec. So, no matter when you sign up your membership expires 12 months later. Additionally, we have automated the renewals. You will of course receive an email in advance of renewals. Please sign up for your 2021 memberships. To do so, click the Membership Subscription button on the webpage. Sign in, with your email address and pass word, then choose the appropriate membership to sign up for. If you have trouble logging in, please contact me.

This bring us to the update on the website store. As payment options, we now accept bancontact, bank transfer, Visa and MasterCard. You may choose the most appropriate one for you, at check-out. Membership renewals will be by Visa or MasterCard. If for any reason Visa or MasterCard not are not an option for you, please contact me.

Let's get out and play..........

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