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Valentines Massacre, The Survivors!

3 courageous flights of Golf Players confronted the traditional Valentines Massacre event of the NATO Golf Club. The format was two-player best ball, however, the team had to play the worst ball of the tee, and then scramble from there onwards. A nice touch that will make you think twice about your game, and maybe – just for once – pick another club than your driver.

Anyway, the event was very successful, owing to partly the good weather (ie.: no blizzard, and almost no rain), but most of all, the enthusiastic players. Great to see some new faces out there, and please keep encouraging friends and colleagues to come out too.

The challenges from tee probably had its impact on the scores, but as always, we were able to rank the teams, and thus the scores of the 12th February 2023 Valentines Massacre were as follows:

Longest Drive: Josh Ellwein

Closest to the Pin: Max Nielsen

Second Place: Darryl Rupp/Darryl Rupp (😊)

First Place: Ward Morris/Max Nielsen

Next event will be our friendly Winge Golf and Country Club on the 4th of March. See you out there!

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