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Website Updates, Champion's Page

Golfers, as promised we continue to evolve the website. We are pleased to announce the Champion's Page. Here we list the winners of the various trophy events we hold and the year won. We realize there were some over events in the past, such as the notorious Easter Bunny event. We have not listed all events over time. However, we have firmly established our standing trophy events.

Winners will be listed far back as the event goes, or we have records. Where we have write ups of the events on the webpage, you will see the year is hyper linked to the write up on the blog.

Updates continue, so this is a work in progress. If you see something missing, I may not have gotten to it yet. Send me a note anyway, just in case. Also, we are working on the photos, so those you see are parked for now.

This is an excellent way to show the history of the club, much like you see the plaques on the walls of club houses around the world.

Share it around with your friends and family and let them see what you have won.

Make sure you sign up for upcoming trophy events to try and get your name up on the wall.

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