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2020/21 Barry Carr Memorial Champion

Lets face it, this past year has been a struggle. A number of challenges faced us in 2021 with getting events moving. However, the sun is beginning to shine.

One Sunday the 25th, we were able to hold the Barry Carr Memorial (traditionally known as the Opening Cup).

On a positive the sun was out and it did not rain on us. A rare event indeed. However, it was a bit nippy and dry blistering winds.

15 NATO Golfers participated in the competition with a great range from low to high handicaps.

In the end, Philippe Leyde persevered with a score of 33 Stableford points, taking home the new Barry Carr Memorial Trophy. Rick Froh and Michel Troubetzkoy tied for second and an additional NATO Cup Point for their troubles.

Seriously, that is a gorgeous trophy!!!!!!

Along with a 2nd place finish, Rick Froh also took the Closest to the Pin trophy, with an additional NATO Cup point. The hole was longer than anticipated and the wind was crazy. An excellent win here.

Tomris and John were able to join us. We have not been able to see them in some time now.....great to see them. Tomris took the Longest Drive in the women's category and a NATO Cup point to go with her new take home trophy.

Finally, Rick was clearly determined today. Along with his other accolades for the day, Rick decided to take the men's longest drive as well. Congratulations Rick.

Next up is the President's Cup on 08 May.

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