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2023-2024 Club Championship: A new Club Champion is crowned!

Once again, the weather was with us and we were treated to sunny skies as we gathered for the annual Club Championship.  Making matters even better, this year’s Club Championship took place at La Tournette which is one of the nicer courses we have the opportunity to play.  Eight golfers took part in this weekend’s tournament, with any luck we will have a more robust group next month for the last event of the season, the Closing Cup.

The Club Championship started with Darryl Rupp as being the golfer to beat and his performance was true to form.  Darryl had a great round and walked away with the Club Championship.  As we wind down the season the gap between first and second place now stands at 10 points.  Congrats Darryl, best of luck in finding a place to store all the prizes you have collected this season!

The Club Championship also serves as an opportunity to gain quite a few season points.  With Category 1, 2, Putting Champion, Long Drive and Closest to the Pin numerous changes on the points leaderboard took place.


Arvid Halvorsen led the pack in Category 1 in taking first place, second place went to Jeff Smith.

In addition to first place in Category 1, Arvid also took home the Putting Championship by putting on an absolute clinic on the greens.  Well done, Arvid!  With your performance on Saturday, you jumped in standings from being tied for 7th place to sole possession of 3rd place.

Chan Faymetta led Category 2 with a resounding win.  In addition to that, Chan also crushed a drive on hole #6 and took home the long drive of the day.  Well done, Chan!  This is also Chan’s last outing with the group as he prepares to head back to Canada.  Thanks for all your support to the NATO Golf Club and we wish you and your family safe travels back home.

Martin Sonnenberger had a great shot on hole #16 and came in on top for closest to the pin.  We are pleased that you and Simmone have joined the NATO Golf Club and look forward to future outings.  Welcome aboard!

Our next event is the 2023-2024 Season Closing which will take place on 13 July at Rinkven Golf Club just outside of Antwerp.  We frequently make mention of the quality of the courses that we get to play but Rinkven is absolutely at the top of the list.  This private course is one of the nicest in Belgium.  Please help to get the word out to members and do not pass on the opportunity to play this course. 

Thanks to all members for your continued support of our golf club. 

Updated points standings for the 2023-2024 golf season are listed below:

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