A dry Polder Cup!

Dick Zandee may have been disappointed, reminding golfers that a true Polder Cup should be held in wet conditions, but those of us who travelled to Bossenstein on Saturday were glad of the sunshine and dry conditions!  It started out a bit chilly, but the forecast sun and 20 degrees prompted a couple of stalwarts to don shorts and skirts!  It was a great day at this lovely course.  

A big thanks to Dick  for continuing his long-term sponsorship of this great event, traditionally held on a course which features plenty of water. Bossenstein golf course didn't disappoint - holes 2, 7, 9 12 and 18 lured more than a few NATO GC members' shots.  But one golfer stood out not only for a great score on the day, but for scoring the most points - 14 - on those five holes, and winning the special Polder prize - congratulations to Neil Wood.  

The two categories were hotly contested, particularly CAT 1 (0-20), where the winning scores were all on countback.  Well done all!

Category I (HCP 0 - 20) 1st:  Neil Wood, 38 points on CB and winner of the CAT 1 "Clog" 2nd: Nigel Coxon, 38 points  3rd: Daniel Darius 37 points on CB Honourable Mention:  Jean Robillard, 37 points

Category II (20.1 - 36) 1st:  Chris Romney, 35 points, and winner of the CAT II "Clog" 2nd: Niels Toenning, 34 points 3rd: Tim Waugh, 30 points

Nearest Pin Men:  Jean Robillard Longest Drive Men:  Daniel Darius

Only two ladies played on the day, so there was a good chance both would win a prize... Longest Drive Ladies:  Janis Dobson Nearest Pin Ladies:  neither Gaby nor Janis found the green on the 14th, so Dick checked scorecards for pars and birdies, and Gaby Waugh won the prize for having scored a birdie!

Thanks again to those of you who travelled to Bossenstein for this event, and once again to Dick Zandee for his great sponsorship.  

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