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Annual General Meeting. 02 June 2021. Final Postponement. Really!

Dear NATO Golfers,

I am sure, we will eventually get there. 😊

The steadfast ambition to combine the AGM with a social dinner event is still alive, and I hereby announce that the Annual General Meeting of the NATO Golf Club is postponed until Wednesday, the 2nd of June 2021. As previously planned, it will be held at the L’Ascoli Restaurant.

We will announce details, menu etc. later this month, but it will be great!

If, for any reason whatsoever, we cannot meet in person, I will convene the AGM virtually, so we can we can do the Club’s formal formal, essential business.

I therefore kindly ask you to reserve the date, and please keep monitoring the NGC website.

For your information, all the Annual Reports are available on the website (About | NATO Golf Club Look under “2021” at the bottom)

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon, at one or more of the great events our Captain has planned for us!

Max A.L.T. Nielsen

President, NATO Golf Club

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