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Farewell to Arvid........

NATO Golfers,

Sunday we said good bye to Arvid, as he heads back to Norway for his new posting.

After a four hour trek from Brussels to Mt. Garni, Arvid was on the 18th green to welcome everyone in from the field. We had a few drinks and laughs afterwards.

Following this, the Executive Committee met with Arivd for his final send off. Max presented Arvid with the a "Commanders Coin," which in the case is the Danish MilRep's coin. This coin is rarely given away and is awarded for - as it says - "For Excellence." We can all agree Arvid has certainly been an excellent President.

Finally, Arvid was given a most amazing cap, giving him the chance to - whenever he wears it - to remember Brussels and great NGC moments, - get an obvious chance to boast about it (people will ask), and finally: give his blue Snake cap some rest. :-)

We wish Arvid well in his next command and hope he spends some quality time at the Whiskey Bar in Oslo.

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