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Play from the correct tees, YES, controversial.

Historically, golf has referred to different tees by gender or age, rather than skill level. As a result for far too long many have played from tees which are simply outside of their skill level. This includes some who have played from shorter tees, because of age or gender, when they are frankly better than many playing on longer tees.

Finally, this is changing. Let’s face it. Golf is bloody hard. It requires skill, practice, training and a lot of expense. There is no reason to make it harder than it should be, and thus less enjoyable.

We would all do well to consider which tees we play from. There is no shame in this. Additionally, playing from the correct tees for a skill level will greatly help pace of play.

Simply put, it will make a day of golf more enjoyable for everyone.

In Europe the sequence of colours is different than the photo, but you get the gist.

If you average in the below groups, consider which tee you should use…..

White 80- under

Yellow 81-90

Blue 91-100

Red 100+

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