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France Away Trip (2020)

Originally, we had hoped to use this as our IGC v. NGC event. Sadly, IGC is not able to join us. Initially, there was strong interest amongst members in this trip. I need to verify that now and start asking for sign ups on the site. There is a lot of logistics in holding tee times at the various courses and early commitment is key. We have options for this trip.

Option 1, continue to format a series of match play events over the four days,

Option 2 Simply organize recreational play and have fun,

Option 3. Reduce from four days to three days.

At present we have held 5 tee times at each course. As IGC is no longer in play, I am unsure if we need all 5. But I need a strong number to block tee times. Some have also asked that we block hotel rooms. I am hesitant to do this, as I do not want to commit the club to deposits and the other logistical challenges. I would rather leave housing to the individual. With that in mind, you really want us (and in this I mean Robert) to block hotel rooms, then I need strong commitment from those who want the rooms.

What I need from you are two things. Firstly, send me an email on your preferred options. I’ll accommodate as best I can. If you are suggesting we move to three days, that would mean dropping the Thursday play. From there I will list all four days separately on the website, giving people the option as to which days they wish to play.

The basic plan as we know it is below.

- 20 August. Le Touquet Mer. Six flights from 12:20. Green Fee €92-€102

- 21 August. Hardelot Dunes. 5 Flights from 13:00.

- 22 August. Hardelot Pines. 5 Flights from 13:00. Green Fee €131 for both days

- 23 August. Wimereux. 5 Flights from 12:00. Green Fee €63

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