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Implementation of Club Handicapping System

Good morning NATO Golfers. As you know we have been researching options on how to transparently monitor and implement living handicaps within NATO golf club.

Particularly difficult is evolving a handicap for those members who do not play in official club competitions at the various courses, or who play alone a lot. This particularly applies to your very own Captain.

We have found a viable system,, which was approved by the membership at this year's Annual General Meeting.

How it works, in short.

Each time you play a round of golf, no matter when or where, simply take a photo of your score card and email it to (For NGC Events, the score cards are handed in). I need to see your gross core and the slope rating of the course, and which tees you played from. This applies to any non-NATO Golf Club event you play in. Casual, tournament, anywhere in the world, any time. Alone or with a partner.

The Captain will enter your scores into the Fringe Golf system, which will calculate and/or update your handicap. During the transition, we will use the lower of your official handicap reported in your Club or the NATO Golf Club Handicap. Once you have 10 scores in the NATO system, we will begin to use that handicap.

NOTE: When you play and keep score, you first count your gross score........ if you are counting Stableford points, this comes off your net score, below your gross.

You will receive an email over the coming days, inviting you to sign up for the NATO Golf Club on Fringegolfers.

If you have any questions or require any assistance on this, please send an email to I will help walk you through it. It is actually very simple.

I look forward to seeing lots of scorecards coming in, beginning on 19 June 2021.

Some notes on handicapping:

  • First and foremost, we trust our members to keep honest gross scores when playing. Golf is a gentle person's sport and relies on trust and integrity. Simply keep your score and let the chips fall where they may. We will not require playing partner verification.

  • Your NATO Golf Club handicap is NOT an official handicap. When playing any outside event, please use your officially issued handicap from your club.

  • When signing up for an NGC event, you will still be asked for your handicap. Report, the lower of your official or NGC handicap in that field.

  • FringeGolfers using the USG 2020 handicap scoring system. This is the basic formula for the World Handicap System. The primary difference is that it does not take into account weather conditions...

  • Whether playing stroke play or calculating Stableford points, NET Double Bogey is the max score on any hole, for handicap purposes. As a club NET Double Bogey is also the max score for our competitions.

  • In a casual round, you may pick up after NET Double Bogey, or continue to play at your discretion.

  • In a competition, you shall pick up at NET Double Bogey, write your gross score number for the hole, then write an X on top of that number.

  • On your score card, you must write your current handicap and keep your gross score per hole.

  • When you log onto FringeGolfers you will be able to see your handicap and that of other members, in a transparent fashion.

  • Note on NET Stroke Calculation. There is a misunderstanding. NET Stroke play is not subtract you total strokes given from your gross strokes. NET Stroke is calculated just like Stableford with index. It is hole by hole. You may or may not have strokes given on a particular hole.

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