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NATO Golfers went to France!!!

As you know we went back to Hardelot the weekend of 27 September, for what is becoming an annual pilgrimage.

First. A huge thank you to Robert Draper. Robert, two years running that I know of, has put significant effort into organizing this thing. Tee times across three courses, hosting us at his home for drinks, and organizing dinner reservations for as many as 15 people. Great work Robert (brilliant, spectacular, you are a legend!!!!).

These events are seriously getting fun. I think we will return to France again next year, whilst considering options for another adventure. Current thoughts include Scotland and for some potential serious fund and views Norway........

With our small group of adventures we played Hardelot Dunes on Friday, Hardelot Pines (good God man, those pin placements were ludicrous) on Saturday, and the more hearty played St. Omar on Sunday. The St. Omar intrepid golfers braved gale force winds and rains, and persevered.

As you know the NATO golfers can be a mixed bag.

Some of us are a bit boring (me in particular) and traditional.........but we are happy.....

Others are more outgoing and expressive........ but we are happy....

Others simply support each other knowing they will spend a lot of time searching for their balls, in the trees........ but we are happy.....

And finally, others are just simply twisted....... the worse the weather, the better they are...... and yes, they are happy.

Look at this. One has to wonder with all that clothing for the rain where this is going to go.

Rainy and windy? No problem for Arvid. Like a true Viking, Arvid takes the minimalist approach to the elements.

Finally, the views. Two reasons many of us get out and play. We get to spend time with fun people outside of the city, in some beautiful landscape.

Check out the website under events, sign up and get out to have some fun.....

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