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Sign Ups, Tickets and Handicaps!!!!!

Today 10 of our intrepid golfers risked rain, wind and cold, as they began our morning play.

It turned out to be a great day. A bit windy and overcast, but we remained dry and generally warm.

Today was one of our now many friendlies providing us the opportunity to simply play golf, talk rubbish to each other, and relax. For those who did not join us, you should.

A couple of notes for you.

  1. Sign Ups for events. The earlier you sing up the easier it is for us to maintain tee times at the various clubs. We need to cut off sign ups at least 7 days in advance. However, to be fair to the club, if it is looking like we will be short, we need to release tee times back earlier. Others want those tee times, so holding all six until 7 days out, to then reduce it to three is unfair to the course.

  2. Ticket purchases and refunds. Previously, when a cancellation occurred we credited the green fess to your next round of play. This was mainly done because we had not yet figured out how to conduct refunds, in the new system. That is now resolved. Do not fear signing up early. If you have to cancel, we will simply issue a refund on your green fees. No problem at all.

    • When you register, if you are a member of the course we are playing, a coupon code is listed on the registration page. Use that code. It will waive your green fees for that event.

  3. Finally, handicapping. We need to get the club handicap software up and running. Sadly, people have not been sending me copies of their score cards when they play. Please send me a photo of your completed score card each and every time you play. Do not worry if it is a good score or a bad score.

    • Recall, for handicapping purposes, the max score you can receive is a NET double bogey. In stableford, this is what everyone knows as an X.

    • When filling your score card, any time you play, always put your gross score, then your net, followed by stableford points. Please do not skip the first two steps.

    • All score cards photos can be emailed to the below addresses:

We need these handicaps to help make our competitions fair and enjoyable for all.

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