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Tickets and Green Fee Refund Policy.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Golfer, as you know we have moved to a ticket option on our registration and paying the courses as one group. This helps us in two ways. Firstly, it makes accounting easier, secondly and more importantly, courses are more inclined to give us group rates when we pay as a group.

A couple astute members have asked what happens if one must cancel after purchasing a ticket?

In short, you are not out of pocket. Sign up as early as you wish, in fact the earlier the better. We will notify the courses of final registration one week before play, unless they ask for earlier. Generally, this sets the groups. Additional final registrations can occur, but only if there are slots left open in the confirmed groupings.

Now, cancelling before we confirm to the course, is preferred, as it guarantees we have not committed you. However, there remains room for shorter notice cancellation. The general rule of thumb is this. If the course does not charge the club, we will refund your green fees on short notice cancellation. As a norm, courses do not charge for this, in our previous experience.

A lot of explanation to say this, it would be very rare you will be out of pocket if you register and have to cancel. If the club is not out of pocket, you will not be out of pocket.

A final note on rates. We estimate a number of players to achieve a group rate. If we have less players than that group rate allows, there will be a price increase. In the rare cases that happens we will settle up for the additional funds with players, after the event.

The below text, will be placed on the ticket policy when registering, as a reminder.

1. Green Fee refunds for member cancellation are guaranteed up to one week in advance of event, unless course requires confirmation prior to one week. This will be specified in the event details.

2. Green fee refunds within one week and day of event will be provided on a course by course basis. If the course does not demand payment, the club will refund the green fees.

3. If the course demands payment for late cancellation the cost is the responsibility of the player and no refund will be provided.

4. If signs ups for an event are below the threshold for group rate, club will collect difference from individual players.

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