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The 2020 Schedule is complete!!!

NATO Golfers, we have finalized the two missing events for 2020. You can now find all events for the year posted here. This allows for all of us to plan out for the entire year, working our personal schedules to make events.

This year, as promised, we have a good mix of formats and a growing mix of courses available to play. At present we reserve 5-6 tee times for each event, those go on a first come first serve basis. It would be great if we could use all the reserved tee times..........

It is always best to sign up early to secure your spot. Recall that each event is worth season long points, for those looking to place their name on the end of season trophy, the NATO Cup. Current point standings can be found here.

Finally, we have placed all four days for our trip to France on the sight. Sign up early for the days you wish to play. We are reserving up to 10 hotel rooms in Hardelot, for those who wish to use them. We will finalize everything by the 1st of June. It will help planning a lot if you register early. We are already up to 6, looking for up to 24 golfers.

Spring is upon us, lets get out and play.

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