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The Club Championship is Here. (Start Times)

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

An update. We have just had two need to cancel. The starting groups have been adjusted and we are now three flights, rather than four.

Okay NATO Golfers, the Championship is upon us. We are at out home course of Golf Chateau de la Bawette. We have a great mix of handicaps and the competition should be fierce.

Below are the competitions, notes, start times and prices. The weather looks good, so it should be a great day of golf.

We tee off at 1410. Please be at the Tee-box at 1400 for briefing and photo. Rick Froh will help explain the rules to ensure we are all on the same page.

We will all meet up at the Club House Restaurant afterwards for a drink and trophy presentations.

The Club Championship is based on stroke play, whether gross or net. Rick will help ensure we understand how and when handicap is taken into account during the pre-tee briefing.

Competitions and prizes include:

  • Club Champion Cup goes to the lowest gross score (UNISEX).

  • Categories 1 & 2, lowest NET score.

  • Longest Drive will be the fairway of hole 8. Ball must remain in the fairway.

  • Closest to the Pin, Green on Par 3, 14th. (Lowest total number of puts in the round. Puts MUST be on the green)

Notes and Briefing:

  1. Please ensure you have registered with the office and paid your green fees before start time.

  2. Please be at Tee Box at 1400, for some photos and last minutes briefings.

  3. Play ready golf.

  4. If you reach a stroke play max on a hole, pick up and move on (Rick will help explain).

  5. If a ball might be lost, declare and hit a provisional.

  • If you need to search for a lost ball, no longer than 3 minutes.

  • If you did not hit a provisional and a ball is lost, take drop at nearest point of relief from entry and assess a two stroke penalty (second stroke to account for distance, red stake areas ((hazard)) 1 stroke).

  1. Put out (No Gimmees).

  2. Please try to capture some good photos in your groups to share with me later (think website).

  3. Last Group collect the stakes as you pass through.


1. 14:10, Rick F (20.4), David T (24), John R (24.1)

2. 14:20, Jeff D (10.6), Chris M. (18), Shane A (20), Wolfgang W (36)

3. 14:30, Pal-Christian (11), Frode M (13.2), Robert D (17.3), Michael C (18), ,


1. Club Champion (lowest Gross Score)

Club Champion goes to the lowest Gross Score.

2. Category 1 Champion

Category 1 will be at Handicap 18 and below, going to the lowest NET stroke play score.

3. Category 2 Champion

Category 2 will be at Handicap 20 and above, going to the lowest NET stroke play score. This photo is a place holder. We will collect the actual Category 2 Trophy, as quick as we can.

4. Putting Champion (The Silver Putter)

The Putting Trophy goes to the golfer with the lowest number of puts in the round. All puts must be on the surface of the green. Keep track of your puts.

5. Longest Drive

Longest drive goes to the golfer who manages to keep in on the fairway at hole 8, with the most distance. Wine is the prize and bragging rights.

6. Closest to the Pin

Closest to the Pin, goes to the golfer who gets the ball on the green closest to the Pin, on the Par 3 14th. Wine is the prize and bragging rights.

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