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Turkey 2014

Well, what a week we had - again! Asked to say a few words at our closing banquet on behalf of Rick Froh and the rest of the Executive Committee, I couldn't help but remark on yet another outstanding week in Belek. Those of us who have been returning year after year know just why we choose to do so. The sun, the great hotel, golf courses, food, friendship, and on, and on! We were pleased this year to welcome newcomers to the NATO Golf Club, and the Away Week fun. Jim and Shaun Edge, Rob and Paula Stewart and Nikki Hayes and Robert Adams - we hope you enjoyed joining the "regulars".

We all know that events like this are a huge undertaking for a few people, so once again our thanks to both Peter Riedel and Rainer Fahs. As President Rick Froh was unable to attend this year, Past President Tim Waugh stepped in throughout the week to keep all of us in line, on time and periodically in stitches!

Official Match Results

Day 1, 27 March - Hidden Partners - Nobilis Golf Course

First Place: Gaby Waugh, Paul Dundas, Dick Zandee

Second Place: Kay Tolman, Paula Stewart, Irene Schuerkens, Janis Dobson

Longest Drives: Angelika Keding and Paul Dundas

Day 2, 28 March - Single Stableford - Mens' and Womens' Flights, 2 Categories - Nobilis Golf Course

Category I - First, Paul Dundas; Second, Ron Dobson, Third, Marc Ballinger

Category II - First, Rob Stewart, Second Brigitte Horton, Third, John Briggs (on CB to Tim Waugh)

Longest Drive Ladies: Kay Tolman

Nearest Pin Ladies: Gaby Waugh

Longest Drive Men: Ron Dobson

Nearest Pin Men: Neil Tolman

Day 3, 30 March - Single Stableford, 2 Categories - Nobilis Golf Course

Category I - First, Paul Ballinger; Second, Rainer Fahs; Third, Janis Dobson

Category II - First, Brigitte Horton; Second, Claus Keding; Third, John Briggs

Longest Drive Ladies: Patricia Fahs

Nearest Pin Ladies: Brigitte Horton

Longest Drive Men: Paul Dundas

Nearest Pin Men: John Briggs

Day 4, 31 March - Nations' Cup - TAT Golf Course

First, CANADA - Paul Ballinger, Marc Ballinger, Ron Dobson, Janis Dobson

Second, CELTS - Patricia Fahs, Kay Tolman, Rob Stewart, Tim Waugh

Day 5, 2 April - Single Stableford, 2 Categories, Pasha Golf Course

Category I - First, Marc Balllinger; Second, Ron Dobson; Third, Tim Waugh

Category II - First, Rob Stewart; Second, Brigitte Horton; Third, Edde Egge

Congratulations to all the winners, and especially to the two who were most consistent through the week!

Best Lady Golfer 2014 - Brigitte Horton

Best Men's Golfer 2014 - Rob Stewart

Peter Riedel Trophy 2014 (golfer whose aggregate score was closest to Peter's for the week) - Gaby Waugh

Thank you all again for making this yet another memorable year, and as soon as Peter is able to confirm details for next year with Rick Froh and the Executive Committee, he will forward preliminary details for "Turkey 2015".

Best regards,


Janis Dobson


NATO Golf Club

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