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Valentine's Massacre

All hope was on the weather; Wales in August – what! The three round weekender started breezy but dry, and six of us played the warm-up round on the Roman Road course Friday afternoon. Fantastic ground, particularly if you like rolling hills with an occasional breathless climb or two.

It was a small but hardy group of twelve who braved the gale-force winds at Pierpont on Saturday to contest the team event for the Four Ball Better Ball competition sponsored by Denmark, led by Max Nielsen and Andy Andersen.

Pierpont is a windy course even on a calm day, so yesterday's contest was particularly challenging. At least we didn't have the high rough to contend with. And it stayed dry! So despite all, some of the scores were quite respectable. In first place, with a team score of 41 points, Max Nielsen and Andy Andersen. They were followed very closely by Jeremy Drage and Torben Kjaerulff on 40 points, and taking third prize were Rick Froh and Steve Smith with 37 points.

There were still prizes to be drawn, and the lucky runners up were Susanne Holl and Niels Toenning, followed by new members playing their first match with NGC, Nikki Hayes-Janssens and Robert Adams.

Rounding out the prizes were Torben Kjaerulff and Nikki Hayes-Janssens with Longest Drive, and Steve Smith and Janis Dobson with Nearest the Pin.

A big thanks to Max and Andy for organizing the sponsorship, taking lots of pictures and for all who came out to play and enjoy the day.

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