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Want to get to SCRATCH!!!?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

The blow is an article from 2009 that comes back up from time to time, especially as we approach the US Open.

Its simply a cool story with some good advice........

How to go from a 100-shooter to scratch

Posted at 9:39 AM 10/20/2009

by Connell Barrett

Who has the best job in the world? Submitted for your approval are three nominees: beer

taste-tester for Guinness, Bar Refaeli’s

personal sand-brusher-off-er, and the head golf pro at Pebble Beach.

Chuck Dunbar, Pebble's head pro, has a great shanks-to-riches story, in case you missed it in the

November issue of Golf Magazine. His tale ties to a stat from our 2009 Survey of the American

Golfer. Nearly 20 percent of you told us that with enough time and practice, you feel you could

become scratch. Dunbar is living proof. Once upon a time, he was just another hack trying to break

100. Four years later, his handicap was zero, and America's most famous course was his office.

Here's how he shaved 25 strokes:

"TOUCH THE CLUBS EVERY DAY" That was my motto. I practiced almost every day for one hour minimum.

Frequency helps develop touch and feel.

OBEY THE 50/50 RULE I divided my practice time like this: 50 percent on short game (with half of

that on putting) and 50 percent on full swing. On the range, always hit to a specific target—a

tree, a bush, a flag. Don't just beat balls. And mix it up—hit 7-iron, driver, lob wedge, always

taking dead aim.

GO PLAY! Practice is pivotal, but you have to balance it with playing. I've seen players who

practice a lot but don't know how to get the ball in the hole because they don't hit the course

enough. Find the right balance.

IGNORE YOUR SCORE I failed my first six Playing Ability Tests—that's the 36-hole exam you must pass

to become a PGA pro. My swing was fine, but I was score-obsessed. That led to tension, which is a

swing-killer. I finally realized that I should just play golf, and then add it up. On my seventh

try, I didn't even know my score until my playing partner said, "Nice 71." I passed with 10 strokes

to spare.

PICK UP THE PACE I went from being deliberate to playing "ready golf." Slow play leads to

over-thinking. Play faster and you'll play better.

BANISH CARD-WRECKERS We all have bad holes, but to be scratch you must turn 9s into bogeys or

doubles. How? Identify the cause of your big numbers—slicing it O.B.? chunking chips? poor

putting?—and attack that problem.

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