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We are going to France!!!!!! (27-29 Sept)

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

The dates are set, get registered and pack your bags. We are off.

Having surveyed the club, we have come up with the 27-29th. September for our trip to Hardelot France.

Robert Draper has again been a huge help in organizing all of this. THANK YOU ROBERT!!

This is three days of friendly golf. Space is limited. We have tee times for up to 12 golfers. Lets really thank Robert and fill up the 12 slots.

There will be a cocktail reception at Robert Draper's house in Hardelot, the evening of the 27th. A group dinner may also be organized for the 27th or 28th. More information on this will be provided as we get closer.

Hotel and lodging arrangements are the responsibility of the individual members. The Club will not be making arraignments. Hotel space in Hardelot is limited.

At present, space remains available at LES JARDINS D’HARDELOT. We recommend you book early for both the days you wish to play and lodging.

We need registrations by 23 July. Green fee deposits are necessary to keep the reservations.

See the upcoming events page to register for one or more days of play. You need to register for individual days. Once you have registered, go to the club website store and purchase a deposit (one deposit only please). When checking out you will be presented with the club's banking details for the bank transfer. Remember, we must have commitments by 23 July.

The golfing plan is as follows:

27 Sept. Hardelot Dunes.

  • Green Fees: 85 Euro (we plan to walk. If you need a buggy, reserve directly with the club, well in advance).

  • Start time: 12:33

28 Sept. Hardelot Pines

  • Green Fees: 95 Euro (we plan to walk. If you need a buggy, reserve directly with the club, well in advance).

  • Start time: 14:12

If you sign up for both days at Hardelot, you get a 40Euro discount. 140Euro for the two days.

29 Sept. St Omer

  • Green Fees: 74 Euro (we have reserved buggies for this course. 40Euro per buggy, total cost to play, 94 Euro, if sharing a buggy with another player).

  • Start time: 14:00

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