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What? Did you say season long race for the NATO Cup?

Okay NATO golfers, you have been asking for new stuff and formats and the Executive Committee has been listening.

Welcome to the inaugural season long race for the NATO Cup. The season will end at the Closing Cup on or about 25 October. We are finalizing that now.

So, what does this mean for you?

2020 will see various formats available for play. Each event will be worth a number of points. Minimum points for showing up and maximum points for winning the event, on cup events. When you look at the scheduled events on the website you will see the points available for that event. The cup will go to the NATO golfer with the most points at the end of the season.

Closing Cup play will be followed by dinner and drinks, final point tallying and awarding of our new trophy, the NATO Cup. Okay, yes, we need to buy the new Cup, which we are working on.

This year, points will start at the Valentine's Massacre and run through the Closing Cup. Each time you play, you get points. Each time you don't, you don't.......

Get signed up and come play some golf. Don't let those points go to waste.

The 2021 season will begin with the Christmas Cracker, in December and run through all events to the 2021 Closing Cup.

This is the beginning of exciting news for the year. Stay tuned, its going to be fun!!!!!!!

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