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What NOT to do during COVID-19

So, we have no golf courses to play. What does one do? Work around it.

I went out for my run this morning. Came back for a bit of in home workout. figured between sets I would do 5 minutes of tempo practice, wedges, then short irons, the long clubs.

I am hitting a little plastic ball in the living room, but know it is a bit rough on the window blind. What do I do? Well, of course, no surprise, I move our nice red chair in front of the window as a stop. I figure it can take it. Worked fine through wedges. Even took the brunt of the 8 iron shots, though I am thinking it was not happy. Turns out the little wiffle ball flies at good speed.

So, I move to the driver. I figure, this is great. However, as you know the Brussels living room is a bit tight. I have just enough room, for the chair for driver to clear it....... I thought. I am five swings in.

I give it another whack with perfect timing on the tempo app, when CRASH!!!!

Rammed by brand new Corbra driver right into the front of the left arm of the chair. Completely split the fabric and decimated the under lying foam. Good news though, the driver survived. Yes, I do have my priorities straight here. After all, one can find a nice lounge chair anywhere.

So, lesson learned. Leave the chair aside for indoor practice and whack balls into the living room window instead. Surely, the glass can take it......;)

Would someone please talk to the golf gods and get the courses open again? I promise no touching....

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