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2020-2021 Season NATO Cup Champion and NGC BBQ

The 2020-2021 Season has come to a close and we have a new NATO Cup Champion.

This years season saw many challenges, including the reshuffle of events. There was some great play, and on my part some not so great play........

The season finale went down to the wire, with the NATO Cup up for grabs. Going into the Closing Cup, two were tied for the NATO Cup, with a 3rd in the hunt......

Adding to the drama were the spoilers, coming up from behind with Berit taking the Closing Cup and Max taking 2nd place, Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin for the day.

Having shuffled the points the day completed with the tie still in place. After much consideration and reviews of the total trophies won for the season, this year's NATO Cup goes to Darryl Rupp. On top of this, Darryl was also successful of further decreasing his handicap to 6.4, with some excellent and solid golf.

Congratulations to Darryl. A well deserved win!!!!!

The day finished with an NGC BBQ at the home of Max and Berit. A great number of members attended, including those unable to play in the Closing Cup. Wonderful to see everyone together, as things slowly return to normalcy........

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