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The President's Cup, Holy Flying Cows Batman!!!!

Golfers, Saturday we held the President's Cup at The National. The reality is, the winds were a wailing and we barely held ourselves to the ground. Though the rains threatened us, we generally stayed dry, although rather wind burned.

Very tough conditions on a tough but excellent course.

One hugely happy note note, though we had to do the trophy awarding in the parking lot, we actually got to sit as a group over a beer and catch up with one another. Things are looking up.

Gunnar took the trophy this year with a score of 39. And, what a beautiful trophy it is. Jeff DaRin placed second gaining an additional season long point.

Michael Andersen took closest to the Pin. This was no easy feat........

Ricardo, one of our newest members took the longest drive.

The final trophy awarding was a bit unique. As you have seen we the Club has been working hard to upgrade/update all of our trophies. As we do this, we retire the old trophies. The Executive Committee awarded the retiring Club Championship to Jeff DaRin. Jeff's name is on the trophy three years running, the most of any club member. We know Jeff will take good care of the trophy in its retirement.

A great day. As promised we are holding a lot of opportunities to golf this year. We always have room for 24 golfers. Don't let the chance go to waste. Next up is the Captain's Cup.

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