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2020 Season Long Point Race for NATO Cup, Update, 26 Sept

The race has tightened with Benni pulling out in front, following his general sweep in the Club Championship.

St. Valentines Massacre (completed)

IGC v. NGC Match Play (completed)

Club Championship (completed)

Captains' Cup

The NATO Cup

Updated Point Standings

Beni G. 16

Katrin W. 10

Pal-Christian O. 08

Michael C. 08

Jeff D. 08

Rick F. 07

Philipp L. 07

Darryl R. 06

Max N. 05

Gijs VK. 04

Paul K. 03

Claude S. 03

Patricia L. 02

Wolfgang W. 02

Shane A. 01

Chris M. 01

Tim W. 01

Gaby W. 01

Berit N. 01

Gunnar B. 01

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