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2023-2024 President’s Cup: The President prevails!

On 7 April the NATO Golf Club got together for the annual President’s Cup held this year at Louvain-la-Neuve golf club.  Thanks to the good weather in the Brussels area, we were treated to a day of sunshine and warm temperatures.  Seven golfers participated in the event which was a good day of camaraderie for all involved.

Our very own NGC President took the competition to heart and walked away with a decisive victory.  Well done to Darryl Rupp as he was the golfer to beat today.  With his victory Darryl now has extended his overall lead in season points by 5.  Ken Emerson jumped in overall standings from being tied for 3rd to now having sole possession of 3rd place.

Arvid Halvorsen rallied today with a second-place finish in points standings as well as a tremendous drive on hole #8, this is the second time Arvid has secured longest drive of the day in our competitions!

Ken Emerson took home closest to the pin on hole #14

Our next two events are the NATO Golf Club Annual Dinner (with spouses) on 18 April at Brabantse Golf Club and a friendly get-together at L’Empereur Golf Club which is one of the nicest clubs we play.  Please help to get the word out to members. 

Thanks to all members for your continued support of our golf club. 

Updated points standings for the 2023-2024 golf season are listed below:

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