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2021 Schedule

Golfers, check out the 2021 schedule. The various events have been updated. So far, we have a good selection of both courses and events. We are working to schedule the annual IGC v. NGC event now. It will most likely be one of the dates currently scheduled as a SKINS match. We will update you as that goes on. I am also searching for other clubs to set up matches with. If you have thoughts please let me know.

Some of the courses have placed us in three some tee times, either for pace of play or COVID rules. Groups will be adjusted accordingly.

We hope, given where the rules are, we should get to play, baring weather concerns.

Note to, that registration for events is a ticket approach. Your ticket is your green fees. The Club will pay the course directly. You will only need to sort out any range balls at the course.

Finally, we will confirm final registrations at minimum one week in advance of play, to allow the courses to release any unused tee times to others.

Check out the schedule and get signed up.

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