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A Champion is Crowned, again.....

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Well, the 2019 Club Championship had concluded. Surprise, surprise, Jeff DaRin's name remains on the cup again this year. The competition was fierce, with balls flying every which way but Jeff again comes out victorious. Frode and Pal-Christian put up valiant effort to unseat Jeff, falling only one and two strokes short.

If there was a prize for most impressive shot, it would go to Frode. On the tee box at the 16th. Frode hit the ball so hard, it got scared and try to fly off, landing in the uphill bunker next to the 15th green. That or 15 is simply has maniacal powers (many of us believe this to be so) and it sucked the ball backwards in flight, as one last kick to the players as they passed on.

As you can see from the group photo, the day was beautiful. A great day for golf. Of course the golf gods had to have some fun too and threw rain on the last group, as they teed up for last hole. Like pouring salt in an wound. But, we all had great fun, well,... most of the time.

Normally, we would start with the category 1 and 2 champions in the results. However, as we all know, golf simply cannot be won, unless one can get the little white ball into the little white cup. This comes down to putting. I believe it only fitting, following the Club Champion, to bring up our 2019 putting Champion. This goes to David Taylor, with an impressive 32 puts. I have to say, this one was also close and in reviewing the group, it was a good day of putting.

Whilst Jeff keeps the big cup, this year he passes Category 1 over. Having calculated the net scores, Frode comes out on top. Again, very tight between Frode, Jeff and Pal-Christian. In fact Jeff takes second in Category 1.

Category 2 this year goes to Shane Arndell with a net score that rivaled and even beat many in category 1. Wolfgang takes runner up in Category 2.

Rick Froh takes this year's closest to the pin, with what one must say was an excellent shot at the Par 3 14th, tucked up close to the front of the green.

Finally, Pal-Christian takes the longest drive. Not just any drive. The 8th fairway requires a nice draw and gets pretty tight as you get to the green. Pal-Christan flew it brilliantly, leaving himself on the right side of the fairway for an excellent second shot.

Another great competition behind us. A good showing in all. Now, lets get more out on the course........

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