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The Christmas Cracker, Baby, it was Cold Outside!!!!!

Sunday, 8th December 2019, was a cold miserable, windy, wet day. How could this be one might ask? Simple, there was a NATO Golf Club event scheduled. The Golf Gods love to provide us with such weather..........

The 2019 Christmas Cracker was held at Golf Rigenee. We managed to get three full flights out for the day. Given the weather, that alone was a success. This year we decided to go with a scramble format, with the three flights competing against each other.

Did I mention it was cold, wet, windy and raining? Oh, and soggy!!!!! Don't let the awards photos with all that sun fool you. That is what the Golfing Gods do, give you the rain, then throw a little sun in at the end to tease you back out there...

James Mackey led us off as we spent the next 4+ hours trudging along. On a highlight Tim and Gaby Waugh were in town and managed to get out with us.

Arvid's group (Arvid, Wolgang, Gaby and James) led us off into the rain with James Mackey.

Following them went Jeff's Group (Jeff, Katrin, Robert and Shane).

And finally, my group (Michael, Andy, Tim and Rick). None of us were dumb enough to stop in the rain to take any photos. We were a miserable lot, but we were happy!!!!

Jeff took the longest drive, again. Given the cold and wet conditions (yes, I know, I drone on) it was an excellent drive.

Katrin, in the 2nd group had placed an excellent tee shot on to the green, looking to take closest to the pin. Rick stepped up in the final group to knock his on to have it roll just in side of Katrin's, taking the closet.

Having tied with Jeff's Group Arvid's group, on count back took the Santa Klaus. Now, they have to fight amongst themselves on who and when each of them get to display it....... I think Gaby might win that.

In the end, it was a great day. We sat around the table warming up, and thanks to the brilliance of Shane his ordering a lot of chips, we forgot about the cold and exchanged Christmas presents. A good way to end the 2019 season.

Enjoy the holidays. We hope to see you all out next year. We get started early in January with the Celtic Quaich and Annual General Meeting. Sign up.

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