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A Great Open to the Season!

The 2022-2023 officially opened in fantastic style with the Barry Carr Memorial Opening Cup at Pierpont, with 12 NATO Golfers all competing for the title of Opening Cup Champion.

The start of the competition was a bit interesting, with a thick fog blanketing everything! It was impossible to see where your ball ended up, and we were generally just trying to get the line of flight! The second shot to the green was made all the more difficult because the green was only a vague shape through the fog!

Even so, after the first few holes, the weather actually became superb for a nice round of golf.

Ultimately, Ken took first place with an impressive score of 41, with Dirk coming in second with 34 points. Max and Minou took the long drive points, and Darryl took the point for closest to the pin.

Our next event is just a friendly get together on 8 October at Mont Garni. Although it's not a trophy event, we will still have longest drive and closest to the pin competitions, and everyone participating will get one point for the season. I hope to see a big turnout there! For those playing in the NGC-IGC match, we can also practice a 4BBB format.

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