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A New Club Champion!

We had a fine showing for the Club Championship on 10 June, with stunning, if a bit warm, weather. It was so good to see so many people come out, and the company while playing (including the geese) was as nice as the course itself.

Ultimately, Josh prevailed as the Club Champion with a gross score of 81, and he is also the Category 1 Champion with a net score of 72 (par). Well played Josh, and he gets a whopping 7 points for the season (jumping him from 7th place to 2nd place just before the closing cup)! Ken came in second place for Category 1, and also managed to just stay in the fairway for the long drive, and earned 3 points for the season.

Darryl and Eric both had 34 putts total, but Darryl was the putting champion based on countback. Dirk was the Category 2 Champion for the second year in a row, and Chan won Category 3 with a staggering stableford score of 48!

And last but not least, Jeff continues to throw darts at the green, and won Closest to the Pin. He was in the first group, so all of the groups behind had a target to aim for, but they couldn't pull off the shot, myself included! Great shot Jeff!

Ultimately, though, this event was about getting the club members out, enjoying each others company, and refreshing our relationships.

I hope to see a lot of you at the Closing Cup on 17 June at Cleydael!

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