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A Small Field on a Big Course

The Captain's Cup saw a very small field of NATO Golf Club members, but for those few that made it, it was a truly spectacular day! It was just about the most perfect weather day that I have ever experienced in Belgium!

Everyone managed to find the course all right, even with the construction that made me take a somewhat circuitous route through cow fields and sunken roads. And Dirk made the two hour drive from Luxembourg to join us for his second event!

L'Empereur is a fairly long course, but it also has a lot of demanding shots that make you think, and then try to execute. And sometimes be a little bit lucky! Unfortunately for Dirk, there were a few lost balls that had to have been just in the rough, but no matter how hard we looked, the balls had just disappeared. Even so, he managed a respectable score to place second for the competition. And he had the longest drive in the fairway (admittedly, the only drive in the fairway...I need to pick a better hole for the longest drive in the future!!!). With 2nd place and the Long Drive, Dirk picks up three season points moving to the last two competitions of the season.

Michael, the reigning Captain's Cup Champion had a beautiful controlled hybrid shot into the 11th hole to get the closest to the pin by about one or two putter lengths. Truly a beautiful shot!

But the lowest score of the day goes to Darryl, who picks up three season long points.

I hope to see everyone out for the Club Championship at Golf Château de la Tournette on 4 June!

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