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Back-and-Forth Changes in First Place! Season Points Update

After two events in 2023, the lead has changed...Twice!

Max's fine performance in 2022 for the '22-'23 season had him with a one point lead over Eric, Ken Emerson and Darryl at the start of the year. But Darryl's second place finish at the Celtic Quaich (and Max's inability to play in that could say a failure of prioritisation???) "catapulted" him into a one point lead for first over Max Ken and Eric.

But once Max got his priorities straight for the Valentine's Massacre, he continued his fine play (along with his partner Ward) to take first place AND closest to the pin, earning him four season points. At the same time, Darryl continued his almost fine play earning second place again to stay close to Max at just one point behind and in solo second place.

Rick Froh and Eric Wood are three points behind the leader and tied for third place.

There are now five remaining events in the season, and a lot of points out there still. A full listing of the current points standings is below.

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