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Better Late Than Never, The Quaich Was Held.

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

After a long delay due to bad weather, we finally played the Celtic Quaich. In a year of ups and downs, even the 2nd attempt came into question, as a sudden cold front moved over the country. With temperatures plummeting, it came down to the wire as to whether the course would open on Saturday.

Though the course opened, it was suddenly moved to winter greens, with the hope of opening summer greens before we started. Sadly, this did not occur. The front 9 were cold, wet, muddy and winter greens. I cannot imagine that anyone enjoys playing on winter greens. To top it off, the course was also using "winter" tees, making for a very short course.

As we rounded the turn to being the back 9, the summer greens were opened up, making it a much more enjoyable 2nd half. Though, we continued to play off the shortened tees.

Two specific positives. NO RAIN!!!! Though cold, it remained a bright sunny day. Also, all 14 sign ups were able to brave the cold and get out on the course. It was good to see everyone out and about for a change. Life almost felt normal. Well, except for the awards ceremony in the parking lot ........ We appreciate Jeff allowing to gather at his tailgate, for our little tailgating party.

The final positive for the day. As our first official event for the year, we had the opportunity to reveal out new trophy giveaways. We also revealed the new main trophies for NATO Golf Club (a separate post will be on that).

Thorsten Wulff is this year's Celtic Quaich Champion. Along with keeping the Quaich in his possession, until next year, Thorsten takes home a nice mantle piece cup, for his win.

Berit Nielson took the Longest Drive for the women and our new take home Longest Drive trophy.

Jürgen Brötz took the Longest Drive in the men's category, and a nice takeaway. Additionally, Jürgen came in 2nd in Stableford points for the day and 2 season long points. Also, we were joined on the course by Jürgen's son, Jakob. Jakob is 12 years old and playing on a 19 hdcp. Great to see Jakob out there.

Darryl Rupp took Closest to the PIN and our new take home closest to the PIN trophy. I expect it will be on this desk on Monday......

So far, other than very wet weather we do not see COVID getting in the way of future events. Don't fear signing up. Its a great way to get out of the house......

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