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Closing Cup: A Fantastic End to the 2022-2023 Season!

On 17 June, the NATO Golf Club, joined by some members from the SHAPE Golf Association, played in the final event of the 2022-2023 season at Cleydael Golf Club, a new venue for the NGC. By all accounts, Cleydael is an excellent addition to the courses that we play, and will be a part of the coming seasons certainly!

The weather was also beautiful, and it was a wonderful day to play golf, and we had the camaraderie of playing with five (six if you include Darryl) members of the SHAPE Golf Association. A member from the SGA was with each of the tee times to meet members of the NGC. Ideally I would like to bring both organisations closer together, and this was a great start to that.

Ultimately, Josh continued his excellent play, playing to his handicap for 36 Stableford points, and claiming first prize and the Closing Cup. Darryl followed in second place. Mark Zaparineck claimed the closest to the pin, and Darryl also claimed the Longest Drive.

The season points coming into the weekend were such that Josh needed to have a clean sweep of the points to come out ahead of Darryl for the NATO Cup, and he was on his way to doing just that, playing very well. At the 12th hole for the Longest Drive, though, Darryl managed to keep it in the fairway just a few yards past the next longest drive. With that, and his second place finish Darryl clinched the NATO Cup for the third year in a row, which Josh in second place with an amazing 10 points gained in the last two events of the season, and Ken Emerson in third place.

The final standings for the 2022-2023 NATO Golf Club season are below.

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