Club Championship Results

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

A small troop on intrepid NATO golfers showed up at La Tournette for the Club Championship. Given the small group number we played two categories, rather than three. It was a great day for golf with the course being in excellent condition.

This was also the final event for Jeff DaRin. Jeff will rotate from Belgium in early July.

The results:

The Club Champion

Darryl Rupp is this years Club Champion with the lowest gross score.

Category 1

Darryl Rupp also took Category 1, with the lowest net stroke score in the group.

Putting Champion

Darryl Rupp again stepped up with the least number of puts.

Category 2

Michael Center took Category 2, with the lowest net stroke score in the group.

Longest Drive went to Michael Center.

Closest to the PIN, also went to Michael Center

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