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Europe takes the Nation's Cup

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Team two of Europe takes the Nation's Cup, John, Fronde, Katrin and Michel. No surprise, Katrin is again in the photo. A trend has been established here. This year's prize was Jeam Beam. Unfortunately, Michel had to take off before we secured the final counts, so the team is down to three.

Team Europe

An excellent day for golf. Overall, the weather was perfect, and the course challenging. As always, the golfing gods had to throw some annoying rain at us.

On top of that, Wolfgang decided golf was not challenging enough, so he added in some extra fishing, with what must be the longest golf ball retriever ever seen.

Chivalry is alive and well.

A whopper of a poll and Tormis' ball is caught.

Getting the day started Fronde decided to give us a clinic on what the perfect golf swing would look like.

We look forward to next year's Nation's Cup, which will be hosted by John, Katrin, Fronde and Michel.

Congratulations again.

Lets get out for the Club Championship on 16 June.

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