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NATO Golf Club vs Hackers Golf Society at Royal Latem

The Hackers is a golf society of expats living in the BENELUX. It was formed in 1976 in Antwerp to provide its members with an opportunity to enjoy golf in a relaxed atmosphere.  In this first match between the clubs, 3 members of NGC (2 of whom are also members of the Hackers), plus a guest and Peter Mountain, a Hacker and former NGC member played against a strong Hackers team.

The day did not start well, with a horrendous rain storm on the drive to Gent from Brussels.  It seemed to end as we teed off,  but the golf gods were just toying with us.  There were at least two more heavy passing storms, including one with thunder and lightning. But enough of the weather report, you probably want to hear about the results!

The front 9 did not go well for the three NATO teams.  At the turn, the Hackers were 3 points up.  But digging deep, the NATO team staged a come back.  The first match went right to the wire, with Chris Murray and ex-NGC member Peter Mountain winning the back 9 and tying their match against Adrian Cunningham and John Fuller on the last hole.  The second team of Rick Froh, playing by himself due to a last minute cancellation, won the back 9 and his match against the Hackers' Secretary Nira de Soya and Chris Critchlow.  So it was now 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 for NATO.  It could have gone either way.  Fortunately, the final team of Ed Elly and his guest, Kevin Timlin, beat the Hackers' Captain Alastair Mackay and his lovely wife Claire on the back 9 and also won their match. Final score, NGC 5 1/2 - Hackers 3 1/2.  Right to the end, it was a close run thing.

A delicious dinner, in convivial company at the beautiful Royal Latem club house, ended the day.

All participants agreed that it was a most enjoyable outing and look forward to this becoming a regular fixture on the calendars of both clubs.

Rick Froh NGC Treasurer (and Hackers member)

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