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Royal Waterloo vs NGC​

It was not certain that NATO would field a team for this second visit and match with Royal Waterloo.  We were able to work with Mr. Dennis Heskin and the RWGC to make it happen though.  Le Lion course was immaculate, and the weather was mild for us, in that forecast rains stayed at bay.

We had 10 NGC members and two guests – Ged and Lynette Boydell – who represented NATO.  RWGC fielded 18.  As opposed to true match play, our hosts adroitly modified the play to a Stableford format due to the lack of NATO players.  The top six Stablefoprd scores from each tem would determine the match winner.

It was NATO’s guest Ged Boydell who garnered the top score for us; a whopping 41 points!  Surely, we hope to “sign” Ged and Lynette as full members soon.  Nonetheless RWGC prevailed across the broader field and won the day.

The plat du jour luncheon set up by Mr. Heskin and his team was also superb.  We are very grateful also to Chris and Dany Murray who as members of the RWGC helped make the day happen.  I hope we can return next year with a full team and notch a win for NATO; 0 -2 is not a place to be.

The Butte du Lion at 800m. 

Our Captain has a sweet lie!

Dennis Heskin (in blue) – our host.

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