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NATO retains the Cup for the 4th year, with a peppered victory !!!!

Sunday, 13 September we finally managed to get our annual NGC v. IGC match play event underway.

It was a rocky road to get here. COVID tried its damnedest to get in the way, including two postponements and course changes.

We went from an initial surplus of players to almost not fielding a team this year. Our newest member Paul stepped up to fill the gap. Not only did Paul step up, he was stuck with first tee off in the early morning. Additionally, Gijs was able to play in his first event for us.

This year was our strongest team in a long while. Had Barry and I been in a position to walk the course, rather than play, we agreed we would want to watch the match up between Gijs/Darryl and Aidemark/Ross. Two very strong pairings.

The weather could not have been better. The morning tee off was greeted with hot air balloons in the distance over the first green. And, more importantly, Jeff was kind enough to leave the rain behind for the day. We all know how much Jeff loves the rain.

The final tally? NGC 11.5 to IGC 6.5.

The individual matches and points played out like this.

  1. Paul and Katrin versus Saskia and Adrian -- NATO 2.5, IGC .5

  2. Beni and Jeff versus Daniel and Dave -- NATO 1, IGC 2

  3. Rick and Wolfgang versus Andre and Lars -- NATO 3, IGC 0

  4. Michael and Pal-Christian versus Barry and Bill -- NATO 2, IGC 1

  5. Chris and Michel versus Tommy and Adrian -- NATO 0, IGC 3

  6. Gijs and Darryl versus Aidemark and Ross -- NATO 3, IGC 0

A great day for all, if not a bit too early. Thank you to everyone showing up and helping bring in another win.

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