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NATO Golfers. Sunday was the annual NATO Golf Club versus International Golf Club match play competition. I am thrilled to say we have again retained the cup.....

Firstly, let me thank IGC, as this year's host. A good deal of planning and effort went into getting this organized. With out their support, and providing this years prizes, the event simply would not have been what it was. And, I like the win they provided as prizes...... Frankly, the are also just a nice group of people to golf with. Additionally, Rick really drove this event for NGC this year. His experience has been invaluable.

This is the 3rd year NGC has held the cup. NGC won the trophy three years ago and tied last year (under the tie rules current holder of cup keeps it). In year three, 2019, we have taken it again. Note, as focus and competition was so fierce, no one took time to collect photos on this one. The only photo I have found is that of Rick accepting the trophy on our behalf.

Even better, this year we fielded a full team. In past years IGC has had to loan us a competitor or two to balance things out. In fact, this year, IGC actually went short a player. So, thank you to all NATO golfers for getting out in the rain..

Yes, it was a bit of a rainy and colder day. Rain came off and on in one of those annoying approaches that does nothing to create frustration. This course however was in great shape. Another shout out to Pierpoint for allowing us to use their beautiful facility.

So, the results are thus. After the first 8 matches both sides remain deadlocked at 12 points each.

Rick having lined up some strong players to finish off the day, NGC's final two groups surged through the finish line to solidify the 17/13 victory.

In the after match discussions IGC were complimentary on the new found energy of NGC and turnout. Translation, great job of Arvid as the President for motivating the Club and getting that momentum.

IGC enjoyed the event enough they are already talking about next year. They want that cup back. We need to work to ensure that does not happen......

The golf and NGC events are getting truly fun. Get out there and play.

Who wants a shot at the Captain's Cup and a very nice bottle of bourbon? Sign up on the website!!!!

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