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NGC versus IGC 2018

The 2018 NGC versus IGC match play event was held at Pierpoint. The match ended in a tie, so NGC retained the trophy.

Final Score 10 1/2 to 10 1/2 NGC retains the trophy

The Trophy


And this was the afternoon!

And the sun came out

The early flights

The later flights


More of the crowd for prizegiving

1st Flight (Battle of the Captains) Winner - NGC Rick Froh

2nd Flight - IGC NIck Compton & Andrew Budd

3rd Flight - IGC Suzanne Butler & Andre Husheer

3rd Flight - NGC Chris Mooneyham and John Johnson (family commitments)

Flight 5 - NGC Arvid Halvorsen & Marion Tomkins (former NGC member, loaned from IGC)

Flight 6 - IGC Nigel Butler & Sybil Beaton (former NGC Secretary)

Flight 7 - IGC Lars Ove & Jorgen Sil

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