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Save the Date - Annual General Meeting, 27 April 2023

In the past, the NATO Golf Club had come together for a nice evening out to dine together (mostly) and take care of business (some). We would like to get back to that this year, and there is a lot to discuss going forward as well.

So the purpose of this is to start everyone thinking about the NATO Golf Club and its future.

We are still coordinating the specific venue for our dinner and the AGM, but please keep this date in mind.

As for specific business of the AGM:

In addition to the normal discussion of the Annual Reports and approval by the AGM, we will also elect the next Executive Committee. If you are interested in being a part of the Executive Committee, feel free to reach out to any of the current members for more information. The status of each position is below:

President: Max will be departing Brussels by the end of May. We need to identify a successor!

Captain: Darryl is willing to continue, but the position is open for election.

Treasurer: Rick is willing to continue, but the position is open for election.

Property Manager: Ricardo is leaving this year, and a successor needs to be identified.

Secretary: Lars Koreman has been filling in since the position has been vacated, and is willing to stay on.

In addition, in other Golf Clubs, I've seen a number of different ways that people can get involved in a more limited way. For example, in some clubs there is a Vice Captain. This is ideal for someone who may wish to be Captain at some point, and allows for a long transition time when the current Captain is known to be leaving a year or two out.

There could also be "Tournament Directors" that take on the responsibility for specific events. This is a good way to get involved for one specific event when you might know you will have time to invest in the NGC.

Last thing to note: Next year (2024) is the 35th Anniversary of the NATO Golf Club! We are starting to consider ideas about how to commemorate this auspicious event! Think about this as well, and if you have ideas, feel free to reach out!

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