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Season Long Point Race for NATO Cup, Update

Golfers, as you know we had planned a season long points race for the new NATO Cup in 2020. Like everything else in the world COVID has tried to mess up our plans.

Thus far we have only been able to award points as the St. Valentines Massacre.

Like the PGA and European Tours we are forced into a truncated season. We will use the upcoming events to to finalize this years points.

St. Valentines Massacre

IGC v. NGC Match Play

Club Championship

Captains' Cup

The NATO Cup

The cup remains up for grabs, given current point standings. There are plenty of points available to put your name on it but you have to sign up and get on the course.

Current Point Standings

Pal-Christian Olsen 4

Jeff DaRin 3

Michael Center 3

Shane Arndell 1

Philipp Leyde 1

Patricia Leyde 1

Katrin Wien 1

Wolfgang Wien 1

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