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The Champion's Page and New NATO Golf Club Trophies.

Clearly COVID has been hard on a lot of things. It really knocked the club hard with significant event cancellations last year.

The Executive Committee has been working hard over the last three years to provide more opportunities to get out on the course. We have restructured the events into seasons, with trophies events occurring mainly in the spring. Finally, we have increased the number of events, as promised. Many of these will be simply get out an play and opportunities to socialize, without the additional pressure or needing to win.....

We had hoped last year to upgrade the club trophies. After a bit of delay we are finally there. Almost all trophies have been upgraded, with the final four in the works. This has been made possible by both your membership and four members donating four of the new trophies. A significant contribution on their part, which we truly appreciate.

Yesterday, we revealed the new Captain's and Closing Cups and Club Champion Jug. This also allowed to transfer them to the current winners.

In future, if you win a trophy event, you will hold that trophy for the season, until the event is next held. At that event, you will either win it again, or hand it over to the new champion (side note, if you rotate before that, return the trophy to us please).

These are some serious quality trophies one can be proud to display in the home or office. People will take notice.

You can see the trophies in two locations on our website. Firstly, on the home page, where when you scroll down you will find photos. Secondly, if you have not noticed, we have created a Champion's Page. Here we list the trophy events and the historical winners.

Along with the Club trophies, we have moved to take home collectors memento trophies. These great pieces, you get to keep, if you win them. There is a small cup for the trophy event, then crystal golf ball paperweights for Longest Drive and Closest to the PIN. Photos of these are below. For those who have earned one of these in the past, we can offer them for purchase. If you feel you are interested in that, please let me know.

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