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The Massacre...True to its first!

In spite of the course being closed until the day of the event, and last minute meetings being called which made the number of members participating dwindle, the Valentines Massacre still went forward with three teams bravely preparing to do battle against "Old Man Par" in a punishing format!

The day was bright, but cold as we got started, playing from Hole 7 to begin to allow the rest of the course more time to dry out as much as possible.

The first three holes were definitely a massacre, and it looked to be a very long and frustrating day, but following a short "Committee" meeting at the Number 2 green and Number 3 Tee, we made the decision to adjust the format so that we all didn't quit golf...forever. Keeping to the spirit of the Massacre without killing our own spirits, we decided to play "Worst Tee Shot, but Best of the Rest" starting on Number 4.

After that, our spirits lifted, pace of play was faster, and our scores got much better.

Ultimately, Berit and Darryl came out on top, with Rick and Rodney coming in second, and Max and Enrique coming in with the Bronze Medal!

While no one was able to hit the green for closest to the pin, Max came away with a superb drive on hole 14 on the right (and correct!) side of the fairway to a tough green.

All in all, it was a fantastic day to get together, play some good (and some bad) golf, but always without fail enjoying each others' company.

Our next event is a social golf outing at Winge Golf and Country Club on 13 March. We just go out and play golf, so I hope to see you all there!

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